Solar Pv


Massive CASH paybacks for commercial projects
Protect yourself from future price rises
Reduce your energy bills and hit your CO2 targets
Environmentally responsible.
Demonstrate your green credentials to customers
Low Maintenance

Can you afford NOT to install Solar PV ?

If you have a large clear roof space or an area for a ground mount system, can you afford to miss out on the generous Feed In Tariff returns that are currently available?

A 50 WK System can offer huge returns on investment.

Finance can be available to make these investments cash positive fast !!
Large commercial organisations are responsible for approximately 10% of the UK’s carbon emissions and are under increasing pressure from Government to reduce them. The sun really is a sustainable energy source which makes solar PV an excellent option with huge benefits:

Energy prices increase year on year and expected to double over the next decade, protecting your business against rising bills will help maintain your competitive edge over your competitors

If your business also operates throughout the weekend, the savings can increase by up to 40% .

Solar PV can help you meet CRC & other carbon reduction responsibilities.

A typical warehouse installation of 50kWp occupying some 300m2 can save upto 500 tonnes of carbon over 25 years life span of the panels.

Businesses with separate operations can install more solar and attract the higher tariff rate for all sites.

Benefit from tax-free, inflation-linked returns of 10-14%, guaranteed by the government for the next 20 years

The current Feed in Tariff structure will ensure that property values increase as a result of solar installations. As energy bills increase properties that have Solar PV at the current rates will be in greater demand.

To yield the highest results the roof will need to be facing South, however East and West facing orientations have still shown strong results.

The pitch of the roof should be between 10-45 degrees but 30 degrees being optimum.

Systems can be carried out on flat roofs by use of A Frames or console’s which can be used to pitch panels up to a required angle.

Planning permission will no-longer be required to install solar PV or solar thermal on non-domestic buildings. The new rules will also mean that ground-mounted systems up to 9m2 will be able to go ahead without a planning application.

We can determine whether an application for the connection of your solar PV system by your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) will be successful.